1. What's this all about?
In IN531k4MPF² you are the ruler of an isle and your aim is to create a huge empire. You colonise other isles and try to gain power by diplomacy and war and maybe you will soon be the master of an empire of a few hundred or even a few thousand isles. Become the ultimate master of the world of IN531K4MPF² and bring fear to your enemies.

2. I have an isle and now?
Every beginning is difficult. On the overview page you can just see the fortress. This is all you have at the moment. Click on the Fortress and build up your first building. What you have to build can't be said generally but it seems to be a good idea to first build up the resource buildings.

3. Units
Who wants to wage a war needs of course at least some soldiers. Even more they are your last defending line except your barricade if you are attacked. So just try to always have enough of them.

3.1. Stone Hurler
They are the lowest of your soldiers. They are something like mercenaries with nothing to lose and no home. Therefore they don't care if you send them to other rulers. They don't care where they fight.

3.2. Lancemen
The Lancemen are perfect defenders. Long spears and a shield make them good attackers as well, but they are best in defending an island. Since they are special soldiers exclusive for your isle, they can't be sent to other rulers. They will only fight for you but therefore to the last man.

3.3. Bowman
Bowmen are perfect attackers. Perfectly trained for attacking to give you the most power, they only fight for you but they will do this seriously and mercilessly. In exchange they aren't that good in defending, since the strength of a bowman depends on distance.

4. Ships
Well, we are in a big waterworld if you want to call it like this. To reach other people you have to use ships. They are the gate to the world and an investment you should make as often as you can.

4.1. Frigate
Beautiful battleships with overwhelming power. They can transport soldiers who fight together against your enemies. They are the base of every attack.

4.2. Cargo Ship
IN531K4MPF² isn't only war but peace and dealing as well. And for this you need big Cargo Ships. With a long tradition, they are perfect in sending huge amounts of resources to an isle.

4.3. Scout Ship
Before you attack another isle you should know what waits for you there to develop the perfect tactic. Scout Ships are small, fast and flexible so they are perfect to spy important information. For fighting they aren't useful at all.

4.4. Gun-Toting Warship
If you want to bring terror and destruction to an isle, you will love these ships. Equipped with huge canons they destroy the buildings of your enemies and therefore are the ultimate weapon if it comes to a hard battle.

4.5. Pioneer Ship
Your enemy is nearly defeated, destroyed and just waits for you to finish him? Perfect! Use the Pioneer Ship to colonise the whole isle and integrate it into your empire.

5. Buildings
5.1. Fortress
The fortress controls the construction of all buldings on your island. The more enlarged it is, the faster you can build and the more buildings are available

5.2. Gold Pit
Your people are always looking for the most important resource. You need gold for the payment of your army and fleet, but for buildings as well. A higher developped gold pit let's you earn more gold.

5.3. Stone Basin
You need stone for every building. It is the ultimative construction resource and therefore you should always enlarge your stone basin.

5.4. Sawmill
Lumber is absolutely necessary for your fleet but is needed even for construction. Care for your sawmill and you will be able to build a large fleet, so you can crush the defense of you enemies.

5.5. Research Lab
The development of new and better weapons is essential for the growth of your empire. So give it a try and build gun-toting warships, spearfighters and even archers.

5.6. Garrison
Here you can train your fighters. The better your garrison is, the more different type of soldiers are available.

5.7. Shipyard
If you want to hold sway over the world of IN531K4MPF² you need a fleet. In the shipyard you construct different type of ships for trading but mostly for colonising and defeating other islands.

5.8. Warehouse
The warehouse saves your resources if you are attacked and allowes you to store a higher amount of resources if you enlarge it.

5.9. Barricade
The barricade is constructed to secure your Island from attacks by enemies. Since you will have to fight in the end, you should very early build the barricade so your enemies' fleets will be crushed by your superior defense.

5.10. Graveyard
A lonely place on every isle where the departed souls of brave soldiers and their faithful ships come to rest...

6. Actions
There are many actions in IN531K4MPF². Here are explanations on the most important ones.

6.1. Attacking
6.1.1. Plundering
Need resources? Well, then take them. Take a few Frigates, a few Cargo Ships, some soldiers and if everything works you should get some resources... and your enemy will lose some. But don't forget to instruct your men what to steal. Otherwise they may bring you the wrong resources. Then it isn't their fault.

6.1.2. Bombing
If you want to bring an enemy down or prevent him from growing up, destroy his isle. If you have Gun-Toting Warships you can choose which buildings they shall destroy and if your armada wins the battle you will certainly love the effect.

6.1.3. Colonisation
The most important step on your way to power is the colonisation of other isles. A Pioneer Ship should never be unguarded and remember that the Fortress has to be on level 1 before you can colonise the isle. But even then it is certain whether it will work. Sometimes you have to try it several times. Islands with stars can not be colonized (noob protection).

6.2. Transport
Sometimes you have to deal or send resources and soldiers in order to help someone. Load your ships and please choose transport as action since otherwise you could cause some trouble.

6.3. Espionage
If you want to attack an isle, you should first send a Scout Ship in order to retrieve information about the isle. If everything works, you will get the information and your enemy won't recognise a thing but if things don't work, the ship will be destroyed, the crew will be executed and you don't get a thing except some trouble with the owner of the isle.

7. Research and Construction
Who stops getting better stops being good. You should remember that and bring your technology forward and build new and bigger buildings.

7.1. Research
In the Research Lab you can search for new weapons depending on how enlarged it is. Bow, Shield, Spear and Cannons are the things you can develop and all important for your existence in IN531K4MPF².

7.2. Additional Levels
The larger a bulding is, the faster you can construct and enlarge other buildings (Fortress), the faster you get resources (Resource Buildings), the better soldiers you can train (Garrison), the better ships you can build (Shipyard) and the more resources you can store (Warehouse). Of course all the other buildings have special effects if you enlarge them. Find out which ones!

8. Alliances
It's hard to be alone with hundreds of enemies. Therefore you can found alliances in order to gain power together.
8.1. Can you handle that?
Many of you may think now: "Why should I divide the power?" Well, together it is more fun and apart from that you won't survive that long if you stay alone. So look for an alliance or create your own. But be careful which alliance you choose.

8.2. Foundation
If you're in no alliance and want to found your own one, click on Alliance in the overview menu and create your alliance. You need a tag and a name. Now you are administrator of an alliance. Invite members or write a thread on the board.

8.3. Joining
If you're in no alliance and want to be in one, click on Alliance and fill in the fields. But you need the password of the alliance you want to join so write an application to the administrator or in their board.

8.4. Leaving "Rats are abandoning the sinking ship"
If you're in an alliance and want to leave it choose the alliance menu and click on LEAVE. But be aware of the fact, that it is very dangerous out there.

8.5. Ranks
There are two different ranks in an alliance. Administrators are able to maintain and disband an alliance and kick members. Members are only able to write messages on the alliance board.

9. Mail
You can send mail to other players ingame. Click on "Send a message" in the player's profile or write a message via the mail menu. There you can also delete old messages and view messages you received. If there are new messages available for you, you will see a letter blinking next to your coordinates.

10. Map
The map shows you your position and the other isles. Click on the borders to scroll or on an island to view the owner's profile.

This help explains the main functions of IN531K4MPF². If you have special questions, search for answers on the board or ask them right away. Even ingame there should be a nice player you can simply ask for some information.
An exact list of what you need to build special buildings and units is HERE
only S12 HERE