1 Insults, threats, profanity or other statements that are only there to hurt, defame or intimidate are prohibited.

2 Multi accounts or multiple registrations on a server are prohibited.

3 The password must be kept secret in any case and may not be passed on to third parties. The only exception is for the purpose of absenteeism.

4 Logging into a third-party account is not permitted. Only one account is allowed per household / IP.

5 Access-automating tools are prohibited. Likewise, tools that read out data. The control of IN531K4MPF by scripts or programs of any kind is prohibited.

6 It is not allowed to create accounts in order to raise or support another account.

7 It is expressly forbidden to gain an unfair advantage from a third-party account through agreements.

8 Units and raw materials can be exchanged with other players. It is important that the equivalent value of the raw materials supplied is provided promptly and roughly corresponds to that of the supplied raw materials. The transport of units in the event of an acute attack and stone throwing islands are excluded from this.

9 Cleansing foreigners to colonize one's own island afterwards without loss is forbidden.

10 So called "ending fleets" are prohibited.